How Can Krish-e Services Help You in Nutrient and Weed Management
16 Feb 2022 | Admin

Plants out of time and out of place, weeds are unwanted plants that negatively affect the utilisation of land and water resources. Considered as a crucial factor in the management of all water and land resources, these plants  compete with main crop for lands, forests and aquatic systems. Studies have revealed that the losses caused by weeds exceed the losses caused by any other category of agriculture pests, thereby affecting human welfare in an adverse way.

Key steps for efficient weed and nutrient management
Developing long term weed management plans that reduce the chances of developing competition can be very helpful in minimising the cost. Designing an effective weed management plan to combat notorious weeds requires a lot of careful planning.

Some of the key steps for an effective long-term weed management plan are as under;
- Know your weed: When you’re in the military, knowing the enemy gives you an advantage in developing a strategy to defeat the enemy. In the same way, proper identification of weeds present in a field is crucial to develop an effective strategy for managing problem.
- Select effective products: Once the weeds have been identified, managing them requires the use of right products (herbicides) that are effective. In this regard, it’s important to identify the active ingredient in the products that are most effective on the weeds.
- Rotation: Plan and implement diversified rotations of the crops and chemicals used to delay the resistance development.
- For effective weed and nutrient management, it’s important to use products as per recommendations and labels.
- Proper timing: It is equally important to apply herbicides at a proper time and stage of weeds. Typically, the pre-emergence herbicides are applied at 0-2 days after sowing. Post-emergence herbicides are applied when the weeds are at 2-3 leaf stage.
- Non-herbicide tactics like cultural, mechanical, and biological control techniques can also be applied for sustainable management.

Krish-e Services

Putting real technology to work for real agricultural challenges
Soil Mapping
All farms do not have uniform soil quality, nor the same capacity towards fertilisers use efficiency. As part of soil fertility management, Krish-e uses science maps and shows the optimum level of fertilization for different locations of  farm. Soil sensing and nutrient availability through contact sensors can also play a vital role in improvising site-specific nutrient requirements and long-term soil nutrient management. 

Drone Pesticide Spraying
Next generation of precision agriculture supports the use of drone pesticide spraying which ensures effective application and maximum coverage. We also use drones for fertiliser spraying for proper crop nutrient management. 

Digital Farming
Digital farming has transformed the way we do farming and has helped farmers improve yields and reduce farming costs. Krish-e’s Digital Farming Services include personalised agriculture advice, disease, and pest identification in the field through mobile apps. It also uses satellite images  to understand crop growth, stress, and define precise fertiliser requirements of plants. Farmers can visit the Krish-e app to get professional advice on nutrient and weed management for their crops. Based on the soil test report and the size of the farm, the App provides information on the organic and chemical fertiliser requirement. To improve the efficiency of applied fertiliser, the dosages  required to be divided into 2-3 parts as per crop growth stages and applied as per the scheduled advisory..
Krish e Digital Advisory also includes weed management programs. Krish-e app provides the schedule of activities for effective control of weeds based on the date of sowing of the farm,.
Firstly, within 1-2 days of sowing the app advises on chemical spray for pre-emergence weed control followed by second spray for subsequent weed control (post-emergence).

Soil Nutrient Management
With regards to management of soil nutrient availability, some facts related to application of essential nutrients through fertilisers need to be understood.
For micronutrient management, soil test reports value should be considered as a standard to evaluate deficiency or sufficiency of a particular micronutrient. Thus, these methods will help us in maintaining long term sustainable soil nutrient management. Krish-e centres provide soil test based nutrient advisory to Takneek plot farmers.

Ranging from comprehensive Advisory Services to Rental Services and Digital Services to Precision Farming Services, Krish-e offers smart solutions that deliver results that are helping farmers to change traditional practices towards more effective interventions, with reduced cost but produce with higher quality and more in quantity. These smart solutions can be used on all farms types as offerings are available for purchase as well as on rental basis.

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