Over 10 crore women practice agriculture in India. They rub shoulders with their male counterparts in the fields, and then fulfill their domestic responsibilities. Yet, they’re not even recognized as farmers, or respected for it.
Prerna is a CSR initiative by Mahindra Tractors and Swaraj Tractors that aims at improving the lives of our country’s women farmers, through capacity building and continuous support.

Our Initiatives
Krishe Prerna

We build physical capacity within women farmers by providing high quality equipment, training in tractor driving and seed and soil support.

Krishe Women Farmers

We build digital capacity within women farmers though online farm advisory, training in digital payments and creating knowledge dissemination communities.

Krishe Women Farmers Business Opportunities

We finance business opportunities for our women farmers, organize sessions for their physical well being and reward them through our annual Mahila Krishi Diwas.

Rise with Krish

Krish-e begins the era to create millions of champion farmers

To transform Indian agriculture, Krish-e aims to advance millions of farmers to get the best productivity and profitability from their farms.