Krish-e by Mahindra & Mahindra group is a popular agriculture app that provides a personalized crop calendar for your farm and valuable agriculture information like land preparation, crop sowing, crop planning, fertilizer management, seed treatment, pest and disease management, diagnosis and treatment of crop issues, weed treatment and irrigation. Available in 8 popular Indian languages, this farm app is the preferred technology solution to boost your farm yields.

Boost your yield with the potential offered by Krish-e’s personalised solutions:

  • - Personalized Crop Calendar for all your farm needs
  • - Our Scientific advisory; free from farmers
  • - Premium advisory services for quicker resolution
  • - Community learning with experts
  • - Personalised Digital Diary that acts like a farm calculator to manage all your expenses at one place.
  • - The app and the advisory services are available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati and Punjabi.

Krish-e aims to empower Indian farmers in addressing their challenges for identification of pests and due to crop diseases affecting their crops through digital agriculture solutions.

Krish-e Nidaan is a useful tool powered by our proprietary algorithms and digital platform which can help farmers diagnose the plant disease diagnosis and receive instant solutions by submitting a photo Would you like to know what pests and diseases are affecting your crop? What nutrient deficiency is your crop suffering from? Get instant solution to all these problems with our digital farming advisory by simply uploading an image of your crop. Krish-e Nidaan is the perfect health partner for your crops and provides you the right diagnosis and scientific solutions. Boost your crop productivity by timely identification of the pests and diseases.

 Rental Partner App
Krishe Rental App

The Krish-e Rental Partner App is a unique opportunity for farmers to become a Rental Entrepreneur. Our digital farming solutions offer access to Krish-e smart kit and high-tech farm machinery for land preparation to crop harvesting. This rental model is a digital agriculture solution that provides them with avenues to grow their network, increase their income and track and manage orders seamlessly.

Farmers can avail machinery by reaching out to Krish-e Sahayaks or by visiting Krish-e centres. We provide support for 15+ tractor brands and a wide selection of farm machinery available for rent. We empower farming entrepreneurs with this digital agriculture service, who own farm implements to increase their utilization and income by on-boarding them as Rental Entrepreneurs of the new digital era.

Get the Krish-e way of farming to enjoy the e-revolution on your fields!
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Rise with Krish

‘Krish-e Ka Digital Savera’ creates Champion Farmers!

Krish-e Advisory services and experts have worked with our Champion Farmers on their fields over the last 2 years to use the most relevant of our expert technologies and modern solutions.

Kailas More Aurangabad

Kailas More Village - Poory

District - Aurangabad

Mr. Kailas More, a Krish-e Takneek Plot farmer, hails from Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. 8 months ago, He adopted the Krish-e Sugarcane Digital Calendar for his crop. With the help of the Krish-e Advisory and app support, at present, his sugarcane crop has a node size of 7.5 inches and girth size of 3.5 inches. This is attributed towards good crop management practices like land preparation, seed selection, seed treatment, and so on which in turn has helped him save 12% of cost of cultivation as compared to the previous year.

Ankush Dodamise Baramati

Ankush Dodmise Village - Sadobachiwadi Baramati

District - Pune

Hailing from Sadobachiwadi Baramati village in Pune, Mr. Ankush Dodmise is a progressive farmer who makes use of Krish-e Sugarcane Digital Advisory to take care of his crops. He has gone through our periodical interventions such as land preparation, seed selection, seed treatment drendings of humic + phosphoric acid. With the help of all these techniques, at present he obtains a good number of tillers i.e., approximately 7-8 which in turn is rendering him up to 80% germination.

Dara Pratap Raghubanshi

Dara Pratap Singh Raghubanshi Village - Gretiya

District - Chhindwara

Mr. Dara Pratap Singh Raghubanshi from Gretiya Tehsil-Chaurai village in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh is a reformative farmer who has adopted mechanization practices with the help of the Krish-e team. The use of pneumatic planters has resulted in better sowing depth and precise spacing between seed to seed and row to row. The outcome is uniform germination and reduced costs in the production of hybrid maize seeds.

Hemant Verma

Hemant Verma Village - Hatoda

District - Chhindwara

Meet Hemant Verma. He is a growth-oriented farmer from Hatoda village of Madhya Pradesh. With the aid and guidance of Krish-e Team, he has adopted Krish-e agronomical practices such as land preparation and harvesting. Using these practices has resulted in good growth of his crops and he’s expecting more yield as compared to last year.

Manojbhai Bhesadaiya

Manojbhai Ganeshbhai Bhesadadiya Village - Moti Banugar

District - Jamnagar

Initially, Mr. Manojbhai Ganeshbhai Bhesadadiya used to cultivate farms using traditional methods, apply flood irrigation, and not have much control over input quantity of chemical fertilizer, which in turn increased his cost of cultivation. But his adaptable attitude and willingness to learn new and innovative ways brought things into his favour. With the help and guidance of Krish-e Team, he has now installed MIS and also cultivates cotton based on agronomy services provided by KVK Crop care team in association with Krish-e.

Rameshbhai Chovatiya

Rameshbhai Gordhanbhai Chovatiya Village - Mota Thavariya

District - Jamnagar

Using traditional methods and irrigation practices, Mr. Rameshbhai Gordhanbhai Chovatiya didn’t have much control over input quantity of chemical fertilizers which in turn increased his cost of cultivation. Also, the lack of rainfall and water source resulted in cotton output lower than his expectations. By imparting clear knowledge about how to cultivate cotton crops, various applications of chemical and water-soluble fertilizer, and time to time field visits from the Krish-e Team, today he is very happy with his cotton cultivation and his return on investment.

Penganti Paparao

Penuganti Paparao Village - Yendaganti

District - West Godavari

Mr. Penuganti Paparao from Yendaganti village of Andhra Pradesh is a progressive farmer who follows advanced agricultural practices. With the help of Krish-e Team, he has successfully adopted mechanised rice transplanting methods in his fields along with the practice of mat nursery. The result – Increase in productivity from 3525 kg/Acre to 3750 kg/Acre